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How do you use YouTube?

If you are putting videos on your business website or blog, you are probably using YouTube.  It’s the easiest way to embed videos on non-self-hosted blog platforms like WordPress etc. 

The new features of being able to choose the preview picture for your video on your website and remove the YouTube logo if required have also made this feature more attractive.  You can also change the embed size so that the video looks neat inside your site. The option to remove suggested videos which flash up at the end of your video can also be useful as you normally have no control over what is shown there.

If you link your YouTube account to your twitter account your followers can see when you have posted a new video and also when you like or share a video. Sharing videos around is a great way to foster a community and may encourage people to share your videos too.

We have discussed using YouTube as a way to grow your business on the blog previously; it’s also a way to grow your network by subscribing to channels and liking and sharing videos. Comment on others’ videos, leave a thumbs up and encourage customers and contacts to do the same on your videos.

Encouraging feedback not only increases your viewing base, in increases that magic SEO Like all Social Media, YouTube works best when we engage fully with it. 

What’s your top tip for interacting on YouTube?